Episode 8: No Metal Detecting


Interviews with Mayor Dave Netterstrom of Cocoa Beach Florida, and a park ranger in Titusville Florida.

Metal detecting banned in park playgrounds and athletic fields due to irresponsible metal detectors leaving holes.  Don’t let this happen to your parks.  Fill your holes and learn proper techniques for digging.  Check out the YouTube video by Dan Hughes: Metal Detecting – Digging a Coin.

Dave Netterstrom, Cocoa Beach Mayor:
New city ordinance bans digging holes over 18″ deep in the beach sand.  Any holes dug under 18″ deep in the sand must be refilled before leaving.  Reason for ordinance is to protect beach goers and sea turtles.  New beach rangers program will enforce these new rules.  They will be ambassadors of Cocoa Beach.  Dave advises us to “Leave the beach the way you found it.”