15: 2 Ring Night


In this episode I take you metal detecting in the Atlantic Ocean at night in Cocoa Beach Florida. I used the JW Fisher Pulse 8 X with the 10″coil to find one gold ring and one silver ring. I recorded the show with a Roland R-05 Wave Recorder and a Giant Squid Audio Lab Podcasting Omni Stereo Microphone.

I talked about the Magnetool Inc N635-27 Stainless Steel Neodymium Magnet I ordered for my Stainless Steel Scoop. A couple of weeks ago I went to Kellyco in Orlando and checked out the metal detectors and the books. I purchased 2 books authored by Gary Drayton  “How to Read the Beach And Water” and Hardcore Beach Hunting. I am currently reading a really good book by Bill Lahr called “Understanding and Using Your Metal Detector” which I purchased from Clive James Clynick. I also talked about Gary Drayton’s new Blog which is very useful for Beach Hunters. The Treasure Beaches Report is a blog that is one of my favorites.