24: Jonah Martinez Interview

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The crew of the boat Capitana are Brent Brisben, Jonah Martinez, William Bartlett; and Dan Beckingham. Brent Brisben and his father William  Brisben founded  Queens Jewels LLC. The Brisbens purchased the exclusive salvage rights to the 1715 Treasure Fleet from the heirs of world famous treasure hunter Mel Fisher.

Jonah's right hand man, Bill Bartlett, on July 31 after one of his dives on the Capitana.

Jonah’s right hand man, Bill Bartlett, on July 31 after one of his dives on the Capitana.

jm_coins_800They had a great season with finds that include:
180 silver coins, 350 pieces of pottery, 2000 musket balls and 362 gold coins all from the 1715 Fleet.

The Capitana Crew worked the Corrigan’s Site.

Jonah tells you strategies for getting on a salvage crew. How he picked his crew looking for extreme metal detectorists. They had to be masters of the craft. Using techniques such as skip breathing, overlapping coil coverage and double checking holes to insure nothing is left behind.

Jonah gives you metal detecting tips for hunting the 1715 fleet beaches:

  • If you see seaweed leave.
  • If you walk on the sand near the waters edge and it feels soft leave.
  • Black sand steaks are a good sign.
  • If you find aluminum or other light material that’s bad, bullets, sinkers, gold rings good.
  • Look for cuts 90 degrees or better.
  • Check surf forecasts websites for approaching cold fronts with strong north winds.
  • November, December, January February are best months for 1715 fleet beach finds.

Jonah uses a Minelab Excalibur on the beach. Bill Bartlett uses a White’s Surfmaster Dual Field on the beach. The AQUAPULSE 1B is the detector the Capitana crew uses while diving.

Jonah tells us in detail about story of finding 300 gold coins on the 300th anniversary of the 1715 fleet disaster.