25: Blood Moon Hunt

I take you with me out in the Atlantic Ocean at night during the Lunar Eclipse treasure hunting.

On Sept 27th 2015 the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse created great opportunities for metal detecting because of the extreme tides. Sharks have been frequent visitors to the beach lately making for more exciting hunting especially at night. I mention my favorite coffee company Wahoo Coffee and my favorite coffee Organic Timor Maubesse. They don’t pay me for advertising, it is just what I like.

I tell you the lessons I learned from my hunt.  When the extreme tides come at late night full moon hunts, sand is washed away as the tide recedes. Search for the hard sand. When you start to find heavy targets, shift into slow mode and tighten up your grid search. Triple check your holes before you walk away to shake out your scoop.

The equipment I used was JW Fisher Pulse 8X, Black Widow Headphones, and Anderson Detector Shafts Custom One Piece Carbon Fiber Surf Rod with a JW Fisher 10″ Coil.