Syd & KT Jones Podcast Interview

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What is it really like to be a Treasure Hunter and find hundreds of millions of dollars of Spanish gold, silver and emeralds on the bottom of the sea?
Sweat of the Sun Tears of the Moon Cover
Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon is written by one of the very few people who worked for the Treasure Salvors organization, in the “trenches”, day after day for almost two decades. Syd Jones started out as a diver, worked his way up to captain of several Fisher salvage vessels, and ultimately took over as the operations manager of the company in later years. He and his wife, KT Budde-Jones, were both essential to the daily workings of Mel Fisher’s famous salvage company, headquartered in Key West, Florida. This book is a testament for all of us who
labor at sea, be it in body or in mind, pursuing lost wealth. Readers will absorb themselves into the complex themes endemic to the relentless race for the ‘mother lode’ of the Atocha, the richest treasure wreck in the Western Hemisphere to date. This
is a page-turner you won’t be able to put down! Contains dozens of previously unpublished photos and eight maps.

Syd & KT Jones do a Power Point Presentation from a divers point of view of the search and salvage of the Margarita and Atocha. You can get information about getting them to talk at your Event, Club, Museum, Library, or Meeting at Atocha Treasure Adventure.

Topics discussed:

  • Best underwater metal detector.
  • How to use a metal detector underwater.
  • Lessons learned from the 1715 Fleet Capt. John Brandon
  • Recommended equipment for treasure hunting underwater.
  • Lessons learned from 15000 hours of using metal detectors underwater.
  • Skills you can acquire to make you a valuable member of a treasure hunting crew.