Episode 6: 177 Ounce Gold Nugget

©The Mining Exchange Gold Shop Ballarat, AUS

©Cordell Kent, The Mining Exchange Gold Shop, Ballarat AUS

Gold Prospector finds a 11 pound gold nugget with a metal detector. Cordell Kent owner of thegoldshop.com.au tells us the detailed story of his friend finding a $300,000 gold nugget. He tells us about the equipment used and the techniques used. Speaking in an Australian twang he weaves a riveting tale of success for an amateur metal detectorist. We also get to learn some of the history of the Goldfields of Victoria Australia. You may have seen the YouTube videos and short clips in the newspapers, listen to this podcast and really get a feeling for what happened.


Episode 5: Equipment Modifications for Shallow Water Ocean Metal Detecting

I talk about equipment modifications for metal detecting in the ocean in shallow water. I want to share with you some of the tips and tricks and equipment mods that I observed metal detecting in Cocoa Beach at night. You get to ride with me in my 1986 Toyota pickup on my commute to work while I discuss some of the mods that I and my fellow treasure hunters use.


Headphone mods
Wooden water scoops
Metal detector coil modifications and sizes
Swingy thing large coil helper
Chest mounting detector control box to take weight off quill shaft
Battery upgrades to lithium-ion

http://treasuredownunder.com (currently down)

Episode 4: Chris Turner Interview

Learn how to find gold rings with your metal detector. Treasure hunter extraordinaire Chris Turner has nearly 40 years experience knows how to find rings. He is the founder of the global network theringfinders.com. Get to know Chris and enjoy stories about treasure hunting internationally. Chris gave us tips and insights into how rings are lost. He told us what type of equipment to use and techniques to find rings.
Chris Turner

Episode 1: The 1715 Fleet

Greg Bounds holding some coinsAn interview with Jean, who found some silver coins from the 1715 Fleet.  We go over where she found the coins, how she did it, and give you some information to help you look for treasure coins on your own.

Links From the Show

Get the latest updates on coin finding conditions along the Treasure Coast from The Treasure Beaches Report.

MelFisher.com on the 1715 Fleet

A free PDF article by Lee Wiese of mdhtalk.org with maps of the 1715 Fleet wrecks and each treasure site on the Treasure Coast

Maps of 1715 Fleet wrecks and treasure sites from treasuresites.com